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200+ Romantic Questions to Ask your Boyfriend to make him laugh

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Funny questions to ask your boyfriend to make him laugh

When you’re talking to your boyfriend, the sweetest thing he can do is—laugh like a charming boy! You HAVE to agree, there is nothing more wholesome than seeing your man pass a cute smile or laugh out loud.

It’s even more heart-fluttering when you’re the reason behind his laugh!

So if you’re looking for romantic questions to ask your boyfriend to make him laugh, you’re exactly where you need to be. In today’s article, we’ll list down some of the best questions to ask your boyfriend to make him laugh.

Let’s get started!

200+ Romantic Questions to Ask your Boyfriend to make him laugh!

Relationships are a sum of conversations,  and while serious talks are important, there’s another thing that can add a dash of magic to your bond—laughter!

They say, “Couples who laugh together, stay together,” and we couldn’t agree more. So, if you’re looking to bring more smiles and giggles into your relationship, you’re in the right place!

Below, we have 200+ great questions that can make your boyfriend burst into laughter. It’s like adding a spoonful of sugar to your daily conversations, making them sweet, fun, and guaranteed to make your bond stronger.

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Romantic Questions to Ask a Guy

Love is a journey, and sometimes, the most beautiful moments happen when you make a special effort in your relationship. That’s why we’ve gathered the most romantic questions to ask him, also helping you delve into the depths of your connection!

1.  What did you feel when you saw me for the first time?

2.  What’s your idea of the perfect romantic date? A seaside candlelight dinner or a jazz bar night?

3.  If there’s one place you would travel with me, where would you go?

4.  What’s the most intimate thing you have done for your girlfriend?

5.  Tell me a song that reminds you of my smile.

6.  What nicknames do you like being called? Daddy.

7.  Tell me your favorite romantic book. I will try to be your type of fictional woman.

8.  What is your love language? How do you express love with your partner?

9.  Describe your dream proposal scenario. I will make it come true for you, baby.

10.  What are your favorite romantic songs? Tell me some sweet lyrics.

11.  I hope you don’t mind, but can you look me in the eyes and sing a song for me?

12.  Do you believe in soulmates? I mean, if you ask me, I do feel true connections are matched by the universe itself.

13.  Now tell me, what about me enticed you to grab my hand and make me yours?

Romantic questions to ask your boyfriend to make him laugh

14.  If I give you one word to describe our connection, what will it be?

15.  How far do you think would go together? Life is pretty unpredictable but I feel a sense of belonging with you.

16.  A lazy day, a cozy bed, and me cuddling with you. Do you think that passes as a lazy date?

17.  Tell me a must-do adventure we need to do together.

18.  What are 3 tips you suggest to keep the romance alive in a relationship?

19.  Can you share a personal love lesson you’ve learned?

20.  What small gestures make you feel loved and cherished?

21.  If you had the chance to relive one of our happiest memories, what would it be?

22.  What’s your dream getaway destination for a romantic vacation?

23.  I am thinking of gifting something heartfelt to my closest person. Do you have any suggestions?

24.  What physical touches turn your goosebumps up?

25.  Tell me your favorite romantic fantasy.

26.  What is your favorite love quote, baby? Mine is, “If I know what love is, it is because of you.”

27.  Tell me how do you want my support in your life? I wanna do all I can for my sweet boy.

28.  Which one of my compliments did you like the most, handsome?

29.  Can you recall a moment when you felt our love was truly unbreakable?

30.  How can I make you feel loved by me?

31.  If we could have a “bucket list” of romantic adventures, what would be on it?

32.  Share a funny or embarrassing moment from our early dating days.

33.  Am I really funny or do you fake laugh at my jokes? Hmmph.

34.  Do you believe in god? Did he align our paths and make you mine?

35.  Suggest some ways to keep the passion ignited in our relationship.

36.  Make me imagine a dreamy, stargazing date scenario you would like to have with me.

37.  Do you believe in fate or destiny bringing us together?

38.  What are my top two qualities you admire?

39.  What is your heart’s address? I need to send some love your way.

40.  If you could write a love letter to our future selves, what would it say?

41.  In what ways did our relationship change you as a person?

42.  What’s a secret romantic gesture you’d like to do for me?

43.  Share a hidden talent that I may not know about you.

44.  What would you like to do on our first anniversary?

45.  Describe a moment when you felt truly vulnerable but loved by me.

46.  Does holding my hands make you feel warm in your heart?

47.  What’s your favorite way to say “I love you” without using words?

48.  If our love story were a fairytale, which would it be? Cinderella or Romeo & Juliet.

49.  Can you share a love note or message that has a special place in your heart?

50.  What’s a small, everyday thing I do that makes you feel loved and appreciated?

Boyfriend and girlfriend questions

51.  Do you like my hand running your hair? I hope it doesn’t mess up your hot hairstyle.

52.  What’s the most memorable dream you’ve ever had about us or our future together?

53.  If we were characters in a book or movie, what type of story would you want our love story to be?

54.  What’s a romantic gesture you’ve always wanted to receive, or one you’ve never had the chance to try?

55.  If you could have any superpower just for one day to enhance our relationship, what would it be and how would you use it?

56.  What’s a unique or unusual place you’d like to share a kiss with me?

57.  If you could write a letter to your future self about our relationship, what advice would you include?

58.  Is there a specific moment from our time together that you cherish and replay in your mind?

59.  What’s something about me that you find endlessly fascinating or intriguing?

60.  If we were to create a tradition or ritual that’s unique to our relationship, what would it be?

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Romantic Questions to Ask your Boyfriend

When a man is YOUR man, you can pretty much ask him anything you imagine. This gives you a chance to openly discuss your intimate preferences and how you like to give and take love.

To start romantic conversations, what’s better than some romantic questions to ask your boyfriend?

61.  Tell me the cheesiest pick-up line you’d use to make me laugh.

62.  What is your favorite memory of us from our first year together?

63.  If we could be a lead couple in any movie, which one would you choose? I want Titanic vibes.

64.  If we had the Anywhere Door and you could take me any place in the world right now, where would it be?

65.  Do you remember our first kiss? Can you describe it?

66.  If ever keep a cute pet, would you like a puppy or a kitten?

67.  What do you think of a lazy Sunday date, where we just lay in bed and watch a movie? I will make popcorn for you.

68.  What’s the most adorable thing you find about me?

69.  Can you reveal a funny or quirky habit of mine that you secretly love?

70.  What is your go-to soul song that you play every time you miss me?

71.  If our love story was a book, what would be the nicest title? It would definitely be a bestseller.

72.  Can you remind me of an inside joke that only we understand?

73.  Do you get butterflies when I pounce on you and start making out suddenly?

Flirty questions to ask a guy to make him laugh

74.  If we were to dance under the stars, which song would you pick?

75.  Show me my love messages that you have starred in Whatsapp.

76.  What’s your idea for the loveliest outdoor date?

77.  Can you recall a time when we couldn’t stop laughing together?

78.  If you were given the power to turn me into a fruit and eat me up, which one would it be?

79.  How would you define our bond in three words?

80.  Do you enjoy it when I kiss your lips in public? I wanna show everyone this is my man.

81.  If our love story were a constellation, what would it look like, and what would it be called?

82.  If you could relive one day of our relationship, which day would it be?

83.  If we were in a movie, what kind of story do you see for us? Action? Romance? Adventure?

84.  Plan a perfect surprise date for us. Go wild with your imagination!

85.  A unique spot for a kiss – where would that be?

86.  Small things matter, right? What’s one thing I do that makes you feel loved?

87.  Is there a song, poem, or quote that reminds you of our bond, and why does it relate to you?

88.  What’s your favorite way to spend quality time together, just enjoying each other’s company?

89.  How do you see us growing and evolving as a couple in the future?

90.  Can you describe a time when you felt especially grateful to have me in your life?

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Funny Questions to Ask a Guy to Make Him Laugh

Trust me when I say, there’s no better medicine than a burst of shared laughter.

Whether you’re snuggled up on the couch, enjoying a summer picnic, or just wish you had that corny humor in your daily conversations, these questions are your visa to a world of joy and unforgettable moments.

Romantic questions to ask a guy

Here are some funny questions to ask your boyfriend to make him laugh:

91.  If animals could speak, which one would you want to become? For me, I will be a cat. People will feed and worship me!

92.  What’s your hungry eating style when no one is watching?

93.  How many marshmallows can you fit in your mouth in one go?

94.  Let’s say you could have any superpower, but the twist is, you can only use it for your daily chores. What will it be?

95.  If you were to become a professional UFC fighter, what would be your alias?

96.  Tell me your favorite dad joke or pun.

97.  What’s the most unusual thing you’ve ever eaten just to impress someone?

98.  If you became invisible for a day, would you be a pervert or a robber?

99.  If you could switch lives with any celebrity for a day, who would it be and what would you do?

100.  If you could have any job for a week, no experience necessary, what would it be?

101.  Choose one food item to eat for the rest of your life. You better pick me!

102.  What’s the most outrageous or impossible thing on your bucket list?

103.  If you could make a cameo appearance in any movie, which one would it be?

104.  Let’s say you find a time machine, hidden in an abandoned factory. It has enough fuel to take you to the past or future, but can’t bring you back. Where will you go?

105.  If you had a robot butler, what would you name it, and what chores would it do for you?

106.  If you could sum up your life in a tweet (140 characters or less), what would it say?

107.  What’s the most unexpected or bizarre thing that’s happened to you on a vacation?

108.  If you could be a contestant on any game show, which one would it be? Squid games?

109.  What’s the silliest fashion trend you’ve ever tried to pull off?

110.  What’s the strangest coincidence that’s ever happened to you?

111.  What’s your go-to karaoke song, and can you sing for me (even if it’s just a line)?

112.  If you were at the “Who’ll Become Billionaire?” show and you got a lifeline to call one person for help, would you call me?

113.  If there’s space in your shirt, can I also get inside?

114.  What song would you listen to if we ever broke up?

115.  What’s the silliest phobia you’ve ever heard of, or maybe even have yourself?

116.  If your life had a theme song that played every time you entered a room, what would it be?

117.  If you could switch bodies with me, what is the first thing you would do? You know, I can actually guess it.

118.  Have you ever been slapped by a date?

119.  What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever Googled out of sheer curiosity?

120.  If you were a stand-up comedian, what would be your opening joke?

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Flirty Questions to Ask a Guy to Make Him Laugh

Is your boyfriend feeling a little grumpy? A tiny bit of flirt can take your man’s mood from Earth to the Moon! 

Here are some suggestive flirty questions to ask a guy to make him laugh:

121.  If we were stranded on a deserted island, what three things would you want with us? Besides me, of course!

122.  Do you believe in love at first glance, or should I walk by once again?

123.  Do you like karaoke? Because I want to do a melodious duel with you.

124.  If I were a dessert, which one would you want me to be?

125.  If we were in a movie, which romantic scene would you want to recreate with me?

126.  If we were to play a game of ‘Truth or Dare’ right now, what would you choose?

127.  Let’s say we are locked inside a room together. Tell me one thing you would want to do with me.

128.  What is your favorite part of my body, and why? (See more: 50+ flirty texts to send him)

129.  If I asked you to send me a naughty text at night, what would you say?

130.  Tell me one of your hot dreams where you’re living your sexual fantasy.

131.  If we were to play a sexy game right now, what would it be, and what would the rules be?

132.  What’s the most daring location you’ve ever thought about making love in?

133.  If our makeout session could lead to something sexier, where would you want it to go?

134.  Do you like it when I take charge, or do you prefer to be in control?

135.  What’s the sexiest lingerie you’d love to see me wear?

136.  What’s your favorite way to set the mood for a romantic and steamy night?

137.  Have you ever had a sexy dream about me that you’re willing to share?

138.  If you could describe our chemistry in three words, what would they be?

139.  If we were in a romantic movie, what would be our love scene?

140.  If we could sneak away right now, where would you take me for a naughty but passionate rendezvous?

141.  If you could whisper something in my ear right now to make me blush, what would it be?

142.  What’s one naughty thing you’ve been dying to tell me but haven’t had the courage to say?

143.  What’s your favorite memory of us getting closer physically?

144.  If you could cuddle up with me anywhere in the world right now, where would it be?

145.  What’s a secret talent you have in bed that you haven’t shown me yet?

146.  What’s the sexiest outfit you’ve ever seen me wear? Did it drive you wild?

147.  Choose between making love in a close hotel room or under the starts.

148.  If I allowed your hand full access over my body, where will you touch me?

149.  Do you like to slide your hands under my clothes?

150.  What’s your favorite position? I dare you to put me in it.

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Cute Questions to Ask your Boyfriend

There’s something undeniably adorable about the simple, sweet moments that bring couples closer. I am talking about playful conversations, shy smiles, and shared secrets.

Here in this list, you may find the most cute question to ask your boyfriend and form a bond as strong as friendship. These questions are like tiny love notes, sprinkled with affection and wrapped in a warm hug!

151.  What’s your favorite nickname for me, and why? By the way, I like being called honey.

152.  If we could spend a day doing anything you want, with no budget restrictions, what would we do?

153.  Can you share a pickup line that you think would make anyone smile?

154.  What’s the most exciting and thrilling thing you have done on a whim?

155.  Let’s say you had the power to swap lives with anyone in your life, who would it be?

156.  What is your heartfelt way to unwind after a long, tiring day?

Romantic questions to ask boyfriend

157.  Can you teach me something new? I want to learn your style of living.

158.  What’s your spirit animal, and how does it reflect your romantic personality?

159.  What is the most unexpected thing you ever liked about me?

160.  What’s the weirdest food combination you secretly love? Mine is tortillas with rice.

161.  If you could talk late at night to any celebrity, who would it be?

162.  What’s the silliest thing you’ve done to impress someone you liked?

163.  Do you believe in astrology? What’s your zodiac sign, and do you think it fits you?

164.  What’s the most embarrassing thing that happened to you on a date?

165.  If our relationship had a theme song, what would it be?

166.  What’s your favorite memory of us that always makes you smile?

167.  Let’s create a playlist that defines our relationship. What songs should be on it?

168.  Name a small and sweet gesture that always brightens your day!

169.  If you could have any talent instantly, what would it be, and how would you use it?

170.  What’s your go-to remedy for a bad day, and can we try it together?

171.  Do you like it when I hug you and not let you go?

172.  How old are you baby? I want to kiss you as many times as your age is!

173.  How do you feel when I hold your hand while we are watching a movie in theatres?

174.  I don’t know if you’re shy, but can we smooch in the theatre?

175.  Would you still love me if some other girl fell out of nowhere and started crushing on you?

176.  Do you like kissing my lips or my neck more?

177.  Do you have any Netflix series in mind that you want to binge-watch? I will be your partner!

178.  If you were watching your favorite sports game, and I started to strip, would that distract your attention?

179.  Will you still love me the same when we get gray and old?

180.  Will your mind still remember the taste of my love, and will your eyes smile from your cheeks?

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Fun questions to ask your boyfriend

Laughter is the ultimate ingredient that joys up any relationship, and what better way to stir it up than with a bunch of fun questions?

We’re here to turn your day-to-day moments together into everlasting giggles, grins, and endless amusement.

Fun questions to ask your boyfriend

181.  If you could choose your favorite job for a month, what would it be? You better choose the job of being my boyfriend.

182.  What’s a joke or funny story that always cracks you up?

183.  What’s your guilty pleasure TV show or movie that you secretly love?

184.  If you had to describe yourself using only three emojis, which ones would you choose?”

185.  What’s your favorite childhood game that you’d still play today? I still remember playing Carrom.

186.  If you were a food, what dish would best represent your personality? If you ask me, I would want you to be a sausage!

187.  Can you share a funny or embarrassing childhood memory?

188.  What’s your go-to way to begin your day? Well, I start it with a hot cup of coffee and a cigarette!

189.  If you could have a magical pet, what kind of creature would it be?

190.  If a ghost fell in love with you, would you date her?

191.  What’s the most outrageous dare you’ve ever accepted?

192.  If you had the chance to pick a superhero sidekick, who would you pick? I would pick Hulk if you know what I mean.

193.  What is your signature dance move? Show it to me; I bet girls would collapse seeing you dance.

194.  What’s the most thrilling but difficult life goal you ever had?

195.  If you were a director, what kind of movie would you film, and would you take me as the lead actress?

196.  What’s the weirdest meal you have tried, and how did it taste?

197.  Tell me your favorite intimate line from a movie scene!

198.  If you could be invisible for a day, what mischief would you get into?

199.  What’s the most random fact you know that always makes people laugh?

200.  If you could have any three wishes granted right now, what would you wish for? You better wish for me to fall in your arms right now!

201.  If Squid Games was real, would you go for the prize money?

202.  Do you like getting drunk and horny with me?

203.  If I gave you the option to take me on a liquor bar date or a sober rooftop one, which would you pick?

204.  Do you like my dressing style?

205.  What’s the last time your eyes popped out and your tongue rolled out looking at me all ready for our date?

206.  Baby, will you love me just like all these songwriters describe love in their songs?

207.  If I were a pig, would you still love me?

208.  Imagine we’re outside and it rains. Are you one of those people who run away, or the ones who stand and dance in the rain?

209.  What do you like more—food or me? (If he says “you,” ask him to eat you)

210.  Would you be interested in becoming my kitchen partner? I mean, you can also put me on the counter and make out with me when we’re done!

The Art of Asking Questions

Do you wish to add a dose of giggles and grins to your relationship? Having a fun questionnaire is like sprinkling a little humor into your love story.

While trying these romantic questions to ask boyfriend can be a fantastic way, there are a couple of things you need to keep in mind:

Choose the Right Moment

Imagine asking your guy a hilarious question right when he’s super busy or stressed out because of work. Not the best idea, right?

So, choose the best moment you can find! Pick a time when you’re both relaxed and ready to have a good laugh. Maybe during a cozy evening on the couch or on a fun date night.

Encourage Honest Answers

When you ask a guy any question, let him know it’s all for fun vibes. Try to encourage him to answer honestly, without worrying about judgment! After all, it’s about sharing some good laughs together, not embarrassing each other.

Remember, everyone has quirks and funny stories to tell. It just takes a natural bond to bring them out.

Make it a Two-Way Conversation

Funny questions are a two-way street. After he answers, it’s your turn! Sharing your own experiences and thoughts creates a playful exchange. It’s like a comedy show where you both take center stage.

Enjoy the Moments of Shared Amusement

As you continue to engage in funny questions, don’t forget to embrace the laughter! Let it fill the room, and enjoy those precious moments of shared amusement.

Laughter is the glue that holds your fun-loving connection together, so soak it all in. These boyfriend and girlfriend questions will turn you into a Golder Retriever couple in no time.

Bottom Line

In a romantic relationship, it’s the soft and loving conversations that keep the spark alive!

As you have journeyed through this list of 200+ romantic questions to ask your boyfriend to make him love, you now have resources for the best conversation starters for couples.

We hope these bf questions bring you closer to your loving partner, and help you discover the side of him you have never seen. In any case, these romantic questions for him will definitely strengthen your bond.

But remember, the magic doesn’t end here.

Love is an ever-evolving journey, and the questions you ask today can lead to even deeper connections tomorrow. So, keep the flame of curiosity alive, and continue exploring each other’s hearts!

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